I've been a little put off by my results lately. I'm not really losing much but just being break-even in winnings for a bit and it's gotten me down. I took the last few days very lightly and took 2 days this week off.
I'm going to try to grind a bit now and I'll try to make a proper blog update either tonight or tomorrow.


WEEK 2 (8-14) GOALS

Week 1 did not go as planned. 377 games in exactly 25 hours of HEM play. I took a day off and had a few days where I let myself get a little too tilted to play. I did put in a lot of hours away from the games studying but I'm disappointed with my hours/games, obviously.

This week is a new week. I started yesterday by taking another full day off to recover from a night out drinking. Today I am getting back to the tables after posting this update.

[ ] 30 hours of HEM play
[ ] 500+ games played

I have some catching up to do but I don't want to try to overdue it and burn myself out. At the same time I know 500+ games is not going to be a cake walk with only 6 days in the week and I will need to push myself to get there.
I need to not let myself get lazy. I want to make money and I can't do that if I put off grinding. I have the skills to beat the games for a decent clip and I should make sure I put in my minimum hours/games each day and then worry about review/improving after. I get this feeling sometimes when I'm losing (even for just a session) that I might be making big mistakes and I have to review my play to see if I'm doing anything wrong - these reviews usually reveal nothing and are a waste of time.

Let's get crackin' on week 2!



Took yesterday off. I'm a little behind pace on hours with 9.2 but I still think I can make 30+ this week. Games I'm a bit more behind pace with only 142 - I'll need to really step it up to stay on pace. I'm gonna consider dropping it to 500 games but I'll see how I do today first. 
Gonna do a little review then jump into the grind. 




The "+" is important. I don't want to hit the minimum here. I plan on taking maybe a full day off this week, so figuring 5 hours per day average (hopefully more) my minimum is going to be 30 hours. I would be super happy to get 35+ hours and I will hopefully be upping the goal to that but 30 is the absolute bare minimum.

[ ] - 550+ games
Let's get a jump-start on >2000 games for the month. I don't want any less than 550+. Quality of games could change this but I think I can just make up for games by putting in more hours if need be. This time I'm going to start off putting more emphasis on getting the games goal because the hours goal should be easy if I focus on # of games.

... I've already started the month off. A little behind pace for hours and games (4.7 hours, 69 games). Did well and made up for a horrible previous day.

Today I'll look to close the gap by playing >115 games. and >5.3 hours. Not hell-bent on it but would like to do that.

Well, no time to waste. Let's get it done!


[ ] - 120+ HOURS OF HEM PLAY.
Last month I got in 115 hours while starting off the month putting in only 3-4hrs per day and later upping it to 5-7. I didn't have many off days, however, and I will probably have a few this month. I plan on playing 5-7hours on as many grinding days as I can. I think 140+ hours is doable by me but I don't want to set the bar too high and 120hours would not be a bad result. I may change this goal to increase the hours if I stay ahead of pace but I don't plan on lowering it.
I have got to remember to not focus on bad sessions, days, or even weeks. If I put in 120+ hours each month I will have a nice chunk of change to make up for them. This is the only thing that matters.

[ ] - 2,000+ GAMES.
This is another low-estimate goal. I would think on average putting in 120 hours of play would lean more towards 2,400 games but I have to figure in February the games still won't be all that great, I may have to avoid a lot of games and settle for a low game-per-hour count. I may also implement changes in my game that make me drop down tables for a few days. So there is a good chance I adjust this goal higher, a slight change I adjust it lower, but I think 2,000 games would be an OK amount for the month.

That's about it. I don't have any monetary goals because I can't possibly control that outcome within a month. I would like to rake >12,500 for the month but it's not something that should take more focus than hours/games (which will of course lead to the rake goal).
I want to keep reviewing, discussing strategy with my small circle of poker buddies, and watch a few poker videos to learn some new, and improve on some old, concepts but I think I'm dedicated enough to doing that that I shouldn't need to make it a goal.




Have been so preoccupied with grinding that I haven't updated the blog. Sorry about that.

I made a lot of adjustments to my game in Jan. and I've still got a bit of work to do before I feel ready to stop doing near daily review.

As far as volume goes, January was actually pretty good. I started off slow and then I was doing the whole 6 tabling thing for a week. In the end I've put in 115 hours in HEM, which is above my goals. I also played 1,780 games, less than I had hoped to start the month but actually pretty good considering how things went.

Results are quite sub-par. Not as bad as they could be but definitely not as good as I can expect on average.

January 2013 results
Just about $6,300.

Truth be told I know January is one of the worst month for an online poker grinder. Every other grinder is super motivated and a little too eager to be in every game. I expect the months to get progressively softer until right about the 4th quarter of the year so hopefully I can post better results in the next months to come.

I am proud of myself for the hours I put in this month and it should serve as a reminder that even when things don't go so great the volume will help overcome. As long as I can put in the volume I will get results.



Games are super reg-infested at the moment so I figured I'd write a quick update while I'm just sitting here waiting for a soft enough one to go off (basically a game without 5 regs in it). Ooo, one just opened :) but it's the only one.

I am still making some adjustments to my game, but I think I am for the most part ready to start really grinding. I'm going for 6 hours of play per day from now on, and something like 26 days a month. It just seems like a reasonable amount of grinding to do.
I fixed my sleeping schedule to let me play more good poker hours. I started yesterday and got in 6.2hrs of play. Ran really awful to start and had to break maybe 4 times but I crushed the last session and went from -1,400 to +700 which was a super nice feeling.
I have to admit I was pretty tilted at the worst of it and was saying and feeling a lot of negative things - thinking i would never be "allowed" to grind and not run bad.
I definitely have some confidence issues that I need to resolve. But really I need to remember that I have beat the games for a decent clip over a decent sample and I should be more confident in my ability to beat the games while grinding decent hours. I need to stop doubting myself over a small stretch of games, this means that I shouldn't even really doubt myself over a 5,000 game sample unless I am really losing a ton.

OK games are picking up. Wish me luck!